The Cancierge Foundation

The Cancierge Foundation was created by individuals who have been personally affected by cancer — losing a wife, a husband, a mother, a best friend. We have come together and dedicated ourselves and the foundation to provide services for cancer patients’ needs and to improve the quality of their lives. By raising funds and working collaboratively with the Community Foundation of Utah and the Cancer Wellness House, The Cancierge Foundation provides personalized assistance by connecting services and resources to cancer patients and their families. Our goal is to facilitate the process and enable cancer patients and their families to influence aspects of their health care and daily life activities.

Our Mission

  • To provide the appropriate connections for services and resources offered in the community at the state and local level as needed by cancer patients and their care givers.

  • To ease the burden for care providers by offering an additional means of organizing and access to assistive services and resources.

  • To operate in a financial, ethical and thoughtful manner to address the daily needs of cancer patients and integrate care, hope and ongoing support.

  • To address cancer patients requests in a sensitive and competent way with the highest level of integrity, behavior and confidentiality.

  • To reach out and make a difference in the lives of all cancer patients and their care givers.